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Bangladesh is a low land area,it surrounded by sea and a large number of river named Padma,Meghna,Jamuna,Braghmaputra,Sitalokkha,Tista,Kushiara,Voirob,Burigonga,Dholesshori and much more.So that u can journey easily to your destination with comfort and relax by boat,sea truck,steamer.There have public and privet sector transporting in waterways.our public sector company is BIWTC (Bangladesh inland water transport corporation).

You can travel so many district in Bangladesh by sea truck ,steamer etc. In capital of Bangladesh (Dhaka) have awater terminal nammed (BIWTA terminal Sadarghat).A large number of steamer leave from here to so many destinations in southern part of Bangladesh like Chandpur,Barishal,Potuakhali,Bhola,Khulna(Sundarban) etc.

During liberation war the communication system in this region was totally disrupted. As a result, there was acute problem in transportation of food grains, POL, essential imported goods, other cargo, vehicles and passengers. Under this circumstances, Govt. felt it necessary to rebuild and rehabilitated the disrupted transport system for easy and safe transportation both in Inland and Coastal areas by establishing a Govt. transport organisation. With this end in view, Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC) was established in the public sector by the Govt. in 1972 with the then East Pakistan Shipping Corporation, the only Govt. organisation and other 9 number of private shipping companies.


BIWTC is a service oriented commercial organisation in the public sector. Since its creation, it has been playing a vital role in the inland and coastal water ways by carrying of passengers, cargo and vehicles. The functions of BIWTC are as follows:
  1. To provide services for safe transportation of passenger and cargo in inland and coastal water ways.
  2. To provide services for transportation of vehicles in the waterways.
  3. III. To operate safe transport services for transportation of passenger and cargo between mainland and off-shore islands, where thousands of people are living.
  4. IV. To provide services in the uneconomic routes as Public Service Obligation (PSO).
  5. V. To render any other emergency services at time of national needs.
  6. VI. To maintain dockyard and repair yard for repair and renovation of vessels engaged in the above mentioned activities.
With the aim of transforming BIWTC into a commercially viable organisation, in accordance with the strategic plan of the IDA proposed IWT-III project the BIWTC has been transformed unit basis organisation and it is performing its activities with the following units:-
  1. Ferry Service Unit.
  2. Passenger Service Unit.
  3. Cargo Service Unit.
  4. Ship Repair Service Unit.
Brief descriptions regarding activities of the above units are as follows:

Ferry Service Unit

BIWTC is providing day/night ferry services in the following routes to connect Northern and Southern regions with the Eastern region of the country by bridging the road gaps:

Name of Routes/Services

The above ferry services are being operated by different categories of self-propelled and dumb ferries including Ro-Ro ferries. The particulars of vessels engaged under this unit as on 23.05.2004 are as follows:-

Type of vesselNo. Of Commercial vesselNo. Of Auxiliary vesselTotal vessel
Small Ferry3-3
Medium Ferry4-4
K-Type Ferry8-8
Ro-Ro Ferry12-12
Dumb Ferry8-8
Tug (auxiliary vessel)12-12

Passenger Service Unit

BIWTC is responsible for operation of passenger services both in inland water routes and in the coastal areas & off-shore islands of the country. Those off-shore islands are inhabited by crores of people & are also growing populous day by day. Waterways are the only communication media for the people of the region for carrying out their day-to-day socio-economic activities. But till to day no proper passenger service could have been opened in the area by the private sector.

As such the responsibility for operation of the passenger vessels in the region has been vested upon with BIWTC for a long time on behalf of the Government as a Public Service Obligation (PSO).

Passenger Service Unit is mainly engaged in carrying passengers in the inland waterways, coastal areas and off-shore islands. Vessels of this unit are plying in the following routes:

Name of Routes/Services
  1. Dhaka-Khulna Rocket Service
  1. Chittagong-Barisal Steamer Service
  2. Chittagong-Hatiya Steamer Service
  3. Daulatkhan - Char Alexander Sea-truck Service
  4. Kumira-Guptachara LCT Serivce
  5. Hatiya-Char Bata Sea-truck Service
  6. Char Changa-Char Bata Sea-truck Service
  7. Manpura-Shashiganj Sea-truck Service.
  8. Barisal-Mozuchowdhuryhat Sea-truck Service.
  9. Kaliya-Nazirpur Sea-truck Service.
  10. Alexander-Mirjakalu Sea-truck Service.
  11. Teknaf-Sent Martin Tourist Sea-truck Service.

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City Service

Existing City Routes Total = 11
1. Abdullahpur-Motijheel Via Firmgate
2. Balughat-Cantonment- Motijheel Via Firmgate
3. Abdullahpur-Azimpur Via Manik Mia Avenue
4. Gazipur-Gulistan Via Firmgate
5. Mirpur12- Motijheel Via Firmgate
6. Gabtoli-Gulistan Via Firmgate
7. Gabtoli-Khilgaon Via Gulshan1
8. Rupnagar-Motijheel Via Firmgate
9. Mohammadpur- Badda Via Mohakhali
10. Nabinagar-Gulistan Via Firmgate
11. Mohammadpur-Gulshan2 Via Firmgate Police Box

Inter District Service

Name of Inter Districts Routes Services
Name of Depot
BRTC Operate Route
Name of Route
Motijheel Bus Depot
Dhaka-Kolmakanda, Dhaka-Modon, Dhaka-Muhongonj, Dhaka-Maoa, Motijheel-Narsingdi, Dhaka-B-Baria, Dhaka-Chandpur, Dhaka-Companigonj,
Double Decker Bus Depot.
Kalyanpur-Meherpur-Kustia, Mahakhali – Chamraghat - Gazipur-Kishoregonj.
Joarsahara Bus Depot
Shibbari-Fulbaria, Gulistan-Bandura, Dhaka-Maoa, Shalbon-Rangpur,
Rangpur Bus Depot
Horipur-Chapai, Ponchogor-Chapai, Ponchogor-Khulna, Rangpur-Ponchogor, Rangpur-tetolia, Ponchogor-Gaibandha, Rangpur-Chilahati, Rangpur-Ranisongkoil, Rangpur-Burimari, Tonirhat-Gaibandha, Chilmari-Debigonj, Rangpur-Sundorgonj-Gaibandha, Ponchogor-Lokkhipasha, Ponchogor-Netrokona, Satibari-Gaibandha, Rangpur-Shamnagore, Rangpur-Barishal, Rangpur Chilmari, Rangpur-Dahugram, Rangpur-Daikhaoa, Rangpur-Damoirhat, Rangpur-Dhaka.
Comilla bus Depot
Comilla-Sunamgonj, Lokkhmipur-Sylhet, Kishorgonj-Benapole, Comilla-panchori, Comilla-Dhaka.
Pabna bus Depot
Pabna-Dinajpur, Pabna-Pirojpur, Pabna-Chapai, Khalilpur-Chapai, Mongla-Netrokona, Pachbibi-Pabna, Nougaon-Pabna, Rajshahi-Debigonj, Rajshahi-Amua, Chapai-Pathorghata, Mojibnogor-Rajshahi, Rajshahi-Pachbibi, Rajshahi-Nougaon, Rajshahi-Shundorgonj, Rajbari-Rangpur, Rajshahi-Sapahar, Rajshahi-Burimari, Dinajpur-Gopalgonj, Pabna-Rajshahi.
Bogra bus Depot
Ponchogor-Barisal, Kurigram-Gopalgonj, Bogra-Khulna, Bogra-Jhalokati, Bogra-Rohonpur, Bogra-Joypurhat, Bogra-Nougoan, Bogra-Kansat, Bogra-Sapahar, Rajshahi-Bhurungamari Rajshahi-Sapahara, Dinajpur-Rangpur, Dinajpur-Chilmari, Dinajpur- Bhurungamari, Bogra-Dinajpur, Sundorgonj-Chittagong, Kurigram-Pirojpur, Bogra-Tentulia, Nitpur-Rajshahi, Rohonpur-Bholarhat, Bogra-Moubazar, Bogra-Bostabor, Rajshahi-Gaibandha, Bogra-Dhaka, Bogra-Joypurhat.
Chittagong bus Dipot
Chittagong-Companigong, Chittagong-Rangamati, Chittagong-Chorjabber, Chittagong-Chorfashion, Chittagong-Saidpur.
Barisal Bus Depot
Barisal-Rangpur, Barisal-Chapai, Kuakata-Khulna, Barisal-Munshigonj, Barisal-Benapol, Chorfashion-Jessore, Barisal-Amua, Barisal-Pathorghata, Barisal-Borguna, Barisal-Jhalokati-Kuakata, Barisal-Khalishpur, Kuakata-Kustia, Barisal-Kaorakandi.
Sylhet Bus Depot
Sylhet-Chandpur, Sylhet-Jaflong.
Khulna Bus Dipot
Khulna-Kathalia, Khulna-Kishoregonj, Khulna-Barisal, Khulna-Pathorghata, Khulna-Rayenda, Khulna-Shamnagor, Jessore-Borguna, Jessore-Kuakata, Khulna-Kakchira.
Narshindi Bus Depot
Akhaora-Dhaka, Narsingdi-Dhaka, Kutichoumohoni-Dhaka.
N.gonj Bus Depot
Dhaka-Narayangonj, Narayangonj-Kuliarchor.

International Bus Service

(a) Dhaka - Kolkata International Service : (Started on 9 July 1999)
Two buses are being operated between Dhaka - Kolkata every day having 40 seating capacity. These are fully air-conditioned and Super Deluxe Buses of international standard.
No buses are operated on Sunday from either sides.
Fare is BDT. 1500/- (for two ways) per passenger (US $ 22.00/passenger)
From Dhaka one Bus starts at 7:00 a.m. and another at 7:30 a.m. (BST) and Similarly 2 buses from Kolkata starts at 6:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. (IST)
Bangladesh Buses are operated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Indian buses are operated on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday from Bangladesh side and Visa-vi'z.
Maximum 20 kg. goods are allowed for each passenger.
Contact Tel. No. Dhaka
: 880-2-8357757, 880-2-8356720, 880-2-9333803
: 91-33-23591076, 91-33-22521049

(b) Dhaka Agartala Bus Service: (Started on 22 September 2003)
One air-conditioned Super Deluxe bus is operated having 40 seats of international standard.
Fare is Tk. 600/- (For two ways)-(Around US $ 10)
Time schedule available over Tel. No. 880-2-8360241